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Level Select

The level code for Bug is BABYSEALS, spelled when the following buttons
are pressed B,A,B,Y,(Dpad Down),(Dpad Right,)A,(Left Shift),(DPad Down)
Do this on the START|OPTIONS screen and you should here a yip indicating
success. How to use it: on any level, hold down the left shift button and
press up on the dpad to go up a level. (or press down to go down a level)
This even lets you visit the bosses and the dragonfly race. Also: as has
been noted here before, when you hold down the shifters and press start
(or hold up and press start I didn't try it that way) It will let you
select from the levels you have gotten to already - but only a few times.
The count on the far right tells you how many times you can use the level
warper for any one level.

Additional Continues

After you beat the first level let yourself die. Next when the Press
Start screen appear press and hold right and press start. Finaly go to
the Start Game screen and hold right and pres start. Enjoy!

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