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Disable Food and Psi Requirements
To ignore food and psi requirements press [Enter] then type "food for
thought" and press [Enter] again.

Disable Level Victory
To continue playing after achieving victory, press [Enter] then type
"staying alive" and press [Enter] again.

Disable Technology Tree
Press [Enter] then type "modify the phase variance" and press [Enter]
again. This code lets you ignore prerequisites and build anything you
can afford.

Fast Build Mode
To build units quicker press [Enter] then type "operation cwal" and
press [Enter] again.

Free Technology Upgrades
To instantly upgrade your technology press [Enter] then type "medieval
man" and press [Enter] again.

Free Unit Upgrades
To instantly upgrade all of your units press [Enter] then type "something
for nothing" and press [Enter] again.

Infinite Energy
Adrian Paul would be honored by this code. For infinite energy press
[Enter] then type "the gathering" and press [Enter] again.

Instant Loss
To instantly lose the current level press [Enter] then type "game over
man" and press [Enter] again.

Instant Victory
To instantly win the current level press [Enter] then type "there is no
cow level" and press [Enter] again.

To make all of our units invincible press [Enter] then type "power
overwhelming" and press [Enter] again.

Level Select
To choose your level do the following:

  1.Press [Enter]
  2.Type "ophelia"
  3.Press [Enter]
  4.Type the name of the desired level.
  5.Press [Enter] again.

StarCraft level names consist of the race followed by the mission
number. eg: terran1, terran2, zerg1, zerg2, protoss1, protoss2, etc.

For Brood War levels prefix the name with an 'x'. eg: xprotoss5

Lift the Fog
To remove the fog of war, press [Enter] then type "war aint what it used
to be" and press [Enter] again.

Receive 10,000 Minerals and Gas
For a helpful bonus press [Enter] then type "show me the money" and press
[Enter] again.

Receive 500 Minerals
For another perk press [Enter] then type "whats mine is mine" and press
[Enter] again. Please forgive Blizzard's awful puns.

Receive 500 Vespene Gas
Low on gas? Press [Enter] and type "breathe deep" and press [Enter] again.
Remember kids, inhalants are bad so don't try this at home.

Reveal Map
To reveal the entire map press [Enter] then type "black sheep wall" and
press [Enter] again.

Zerg Theme Song
To hear the secret Zerg song, press [Enter] then type "radio free zerg"
and press [Enter] again. This only works when playing as the Zerg.


Brood War Useful Bugs 1.1 (c) 1999 Romanian Rotten Players

1)  Bunkers before Supply Depots (Must play with Terrans). Block every
    exit from your base by building Supply Depots. Now put behind them
    Bunkers. When you will be attacked the enemy will want to get into
    your base and will not attack your Supply Depots or your Bunkers.
    The enemies will die. (worked on Brood War 1.04)
2)  Command Centre next to minerals (Must play with Terrans). Lift your
    Command Centre and place it where it whose. (Now be quick) Press and
    hold <SHIFT> <S> and click the right mouse button in a place where
    the Command Centre can stay. (worked on Brood War 1.04)
3)  Over 200 units (Must play with Zergs). If you want to make a Ultralisk
    but you don't have enough Overlords, build 6 creep colonies (because
    the ultralisk uses 6 food) and then you will be able to build it. You
    can also go over the 200 units limit. (worked on Brood War 1.04)
4)  Nuclear Animal (Can play with any race). Click on an animal until it
    explodes (3 minutes) (I'M NOT KIDDING, HE'LL MAKE LIKE A NUCLEAR
    BOMB). The computer will hear that explosion and will send all it's
    units there. Now go and fuck (ooops...) that base. (worked on Brood
    War 1.04)
5)  Dark Templar in Command Center (Must play with the Protoss Race). You
    know that sometimes units walk through buildings. That wouldn't be
    helpful until you know this. When a Dark Templar walks in an Command
    Center, stop him imidiatly. He will be traped in the Command Center
    and will destroy it. (worked on Brood War 1.04)
6)  Invincible Drones (Must play with Zergs). Make a drone and a defiler.
    Now use plague on the drone. Build with the drone a Creep Colony next
    to the Hatchery, When the Creep Colonies is at the middle cancel it.
    The drone should be invincible. This thing doesn't work all the time.
    (tested & worked only on StarCraft Original 1.00).
7)  Mutating Zergs (Must play with Zergs). Make 12 creatures that can be
    transformed in other (ex: Hydralisk mutates in Lurker). Make 12 other
    creatures that can't be transformed in others (ex: Zerilings). Give
    each pack of creatures a number (ex: for Hydras CTRL+1 and for
    Zerlings CTRL+2). Now see with what letter you morph the he first
    12 creatures into others (ex: Hydras in Lurkers is L) and now quickly
    press: First Group Number - Second Group Number - Morph Letter. (ex:
    1-2-L). If you pressed this quickliy the second group will transform.
    If not sellect the first group and press ESC. You can also make 1 of
    the morphing type and 12 of the others. (worked on Brood War 1.04).

People who contribuieted to this version of Brood War - Useful Bugs:

SMUCKy     - The president of R.R.P.
Beaver     - The co. president of R.R.P.
Beethoven  - Beavers next door pal.
Hammer     - SMUCKys classmate.

(c) 1999 Romanian Rotten Players -


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