Bogey Dead 6

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Infinite Time:
 80080B24 0256

Infinite Fuel:
 80081712 2FFF

Infinite Credits:
 801C29C2 0005

Infinite Vulcan Ammo:
 800BC68E 0064

Infinite Sidewinders:
 800BC684 0064

Infinite AMRAAM Missiles:
 800BC686 0064

Infinite HARM Missiles:
 800BC688 0064

Infinite Maverick Missiles:
 800BC68A 0064

More Time:
At the now loading screen before the mission starts press and hold L1, L2, R1,

Rear Chase Plane View:
When selecting your plane in either MISSION or TRAINING mode.... Highlight the
plane you wish to fly....then press and HOLD L1 + L2 + R1+ R2 + SELECT then
press START. The game will begin and press SELECT to change views.

All Sorties Available:
In MISSION mode: when you are looking at the world map.... press the
following... U-D-D-R-L-D-U-THEN TRIANGLE. You will hear a guy say "GONE!!"

All Planes Available:
In MISSION mode when you are at the plane select screen... press the following
L-L-R-D-U-D-R-THEN SELECT. You will hear a guy say "GONE!!"

Air-2-Air Missile Invincibility:
Select your plane and weapon options prior to the mission. Then when the "Now Loading..." screen
appears, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and rotate the D-pad counter-clockwise.

Rear Chase Camera:
At the plane selection screen, choose a training mission, real mission, or Vs. battle. Highlight a
plane, then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select, and press Start. Now while playing a game, press Select
to switch views.

Infinite Ccontinues:
Select the training option from the game menu, then choose the Wolves Awakening mission. Then start
the training mission, change your heading to 010 degrees (north), and increase your speed. Continue
flying in this direction until a large yellow blip appears on the radar display. Arm the air to
ground missiles and fire at the mountain that they lock on. A group of gold bars will appear at this
location. Obtain another missile lock and destroy the gold bars. End the training mission by
crashing and return to the game menu. If done correctly, the word "INFINITY" will replace the
aircraft icons on the continue game screen.

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