Blood Omen

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Infinite Blood Line:
 801CAB44 0190
801CAB46 0190

Infinite Magic Line:
 801CAB4A 0190
 801CAB4C 0190

Have All Objects:
 300A8599 0001
 300E875A 0008
800E8730 0E0D
800E8732 100F
 800E8734 1211
800E8736 1413
 30089749 0060
8008974A 6060
 8008974C 6060
 8008974E 6060
30089750 0060

 300E875B 000A
300E8743 0020
800E8744 2221
 800E8746 2423
 800E8748 2625
 800E874A 2827
300E874C 0029

 300A8598 0001
 300E875C 000D
300E874D 000C
 800E874E 0A0B
 800E8750 0809
800E8752 0607
 800E8754 0405
 800E8756 0203
 800E8758 0001

 300A859A 0001
 80089656 1615
80089658 1817
3008965A 0019

Blood Refill
While playing, press Up, Right, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Left to
refill your blood.

Violator (

Easy Artifacts
To get 99 of any artifacts at the spirit forges trade in your blood for the
artifacts and use the blood refill code countinue this untill you have 99 of
what ever artifact you are recieving fromm the spirit forge.

Violator (

Full Magic
To fill your magic meter, press Right, Right, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Right,
Left while playing.

Violator (

View all Videos
To view all the video clips, press Left, Right, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Right,
Left while playing, then press Select and view the Dark Diary.

Violator (

Fill Up:
Below the bat beacon on your way to Vorador's swamp, there is a lake to your
left. Go to mist form and walk across the lake off the screen. You will come
to a stonehenge with a teleporter. It will take you to a set of snake temples
overrun with werewolves. There are about 15 secret points here, as well as more
than 50 of each artifact item. Stock up. The teleporter back is in the upper
right hand temple.

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