Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII

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Codes Punched at the Pause Screen

The Code for all Missions and planes should be done at the Main Menu
Code                    Effect
Hold Left Trigger and Right Trigger and press X, LB, RB, Y(2), RB, LB, X at the Main Menu.	All Missions and Planes Unlocked
Pause Game, Hold Left Trigger, Quickly press X, Y (2), X. Then hold Right Trigger and press Y, X (2), Y.	God Mode
Pause Game, Hold Left Trigger and quickly press LB (2), RB. Then Hold Right Trigger and Press RB(2), LB	Increased Damage with all weapons


Complete certain tasks to get each achievment.
Unlockable              How to Unlock
Ace Killer              Defeat all other Aces.
Ace of Aces             Achieve the highest score in all campaign missions.
Collector               Unlock and collecte all planes.
Colonel                 Get an overall rank in Campaign mode to Colonel.
Hero                    Achieve combat excellence and earn all medals.
Survivor                Outlive your enemies in Arcade Mode.
Veteran                 Outlive WWII.


  1. File:Squadrons unlocker.rar - Game unlocker
  2. File:Pdbas1uc 1.rar - Game unlocker