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Ghost vehicle:
After completion of a course, select a different vehicle and play
that course again. You will be competing against a ghost version of
your previous attempt.

Quick start:
Press Accelerate when the last beep is heard as the light is
turning green.

Bonus courses:
Successfully complete all missions and find all six scientists to
access two bonus courses. The objective of the first bonus mission
is to clear a town of all objects in order to allow a space shuttle
to make an emergency landing. The objective of the second bonus
mission is to clear all buildings off the Moon. A third bonus mission
is accessible only after a perfect score is achieved.

Quick explosion:
Drive your vehicle (the Backlash works well) right next to an obstacle
and press Z. The driver will yell and not exit the vehicle because it
is too close to the obstacle. Continue to hold Z until the obstacle
explodes. Use this method to destroy buildings that require demolition
by TNT or other non-standard methods.
!!! This feature is not available on the bonus courses or in the
PAL version of the game !!!


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