Bionic Commando

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Final Boss:

     A B C D E F
  1  S C S S C C
  2  T S   T S C
  3  T S C   T C
  4  C T   C C T

Cheats by Martin Strohmeier -

 Exit from level 1 exactly when the timer reads 1. You get nine lives
 and a super high bonus score.


00004A02       Unlimited Lives

Frequently Asked Questions

reaaahhh! trehtreh!  swing!! blamblam kupo (etc.)

note: Start+a+b ends the stage immediately (if you ever get stuck)

Q: How do I kill off Albatros?
A: As it moves left, swing on its engines and shoot into the glowing canopy
   thingy at the far right. Any weapon works, but the rocket launcher is
   best, kupo

Q: OK, so where the hell am I now?
A: Well, you'll talk to a man who tells you to shoot into the helicopter
   canopy. Move right and you'll come to a ledge. Fall off the ledge and
   you'll see a helicopter flash by to your right. Shoot into the heli's
   canopy as you fall. If you miss, you'll hit the ground and die horribly.

Q: OK, so where the hell am I _now_?
A: sigh.. OK, you're in a shaft and you have sixty seconds to get out of
   the shaft. So start climbing! Don't bother fighting anyone in your path,
   you don't have time!