Biohazard 3

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Unlock Protect:
 D01840E2 1040
 801840E2 1000

NTSC 2 PAL Code:
 D00A8204 0000
 800A8204 0001

Mixing:Use Upload
Tool to make bullets
Gun Powder
Handgun Bullets
Gun Powder B
              7 Shotgun
Gun Powder C (A+B)     10 Grenade Rounds
Gun Powder AA            35 Handgun
Gun Powder AAA          55 Handgun Bullets
Gun Powder BBA          66 Handgun Bullets
Gun Powder BB            18 Shotgun
Gun Powder AAB          20 Shotgun Bullets
Gun Powder BBB          30 Shotgun Bullets
Gun Powder AC           10 Fire Rounds
Gun Powder BC           10 Acid Rounds
Gun Powder CC           10 Cold Rounds
Gun Powder CCC          24 Magnum Rounds
Grenade Round + Gun Powder A    6 Fire Rounds
Grenade Round + Gun Powder B    6 Acid Rounds
Grenade Round + Gun Powder C    6 Cold Rounds


Manual Aim:
In Key Config. menu screen, Hold R1 button, then press Square button 3 times.
Press Select button to skip CGs or Dialogs.

>Barry Burton ending:
The only way to see Barry is if ending B is unlocked. To get this ending the following two points
must be done:

Enhanced Weapons/Ammo:
When creating ammo with the reloading tool, save enough gunpowder to mix up the same type of ammo
eight times. On the eighth time, the game will prompt "Do you want to create the enhanced ammo?".
Select "Yes". This ammo is more powerful, may have slightly different effects, and once loaded into
a weapon will change it into an "enhanced weapon". Once you have loaded a weapon with enhanced ammo,
do not reload it with regular ammo. You can only create two types of enhanced ammo: 9mm handgun
bullets and shot gun shells. Also, do not combine enhanced ammo with regular ammo.
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