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Extra Health Player 1:
 8009B2A0 00AF
 8009D570 6400

Infinite Shield Player 1:
 8009D574 6400

Shields Always On Player 1:
 8009D580 0022

One Hit Wins Player 1:
 8009B2A4 0002
 8009DBE4 0200
8009DBE8 0200

Extra Health Player 2:
 8009B2A4 00AF
 8009DBE4 6400

Infinite Shield Player 2:
 8009DBE8 6400

Shields Always On Player 2:
 8009DBF4 0022

One Hit Wins Player 2:
 8009B2A0 0002
 8009D570 0200
 8009D574 0200

Infinite Jet Pack Player 1:
 8009D578 3200

Infinite Jet Pack Player 2:
 8009DBEC 3200

Smoke Trail Player 1:
 8009D57E 0001

Smoke Trail Player 2:
 8009DBF2 0001

Rapid Fire Player 1:
 8009D628 0000

Rapid Fire Player 2:
 8009DC9C 0000

Flashy Mode Player 1:
 8009D5A0 0001

Flashy Mode Player 1:
 8009DC14 0001

Disable the Glow:
 8009B25E 0000

Fight Clonus Opponent:
While selecting an opponent at the character selection screen, hold Select to fight against the
Clonus version of that character.

1st Person
While playing a 1 player game, press and hold L1, L2, R1, and R2. While holding,
press diagonal right down. If done correctly,you should be in 1st person mode.
Do the exact same thing to turn it off.


Alternate view:
Hold LEFT and press START during game play. Hold DOWN and press START
to return to the default view.

View version date:
Press C-LEFT immediately after powering on the system. The sound of
laughter will confirm correct code entry. The date on the title screen
indicates when the game was completed. Note: C-LEFT may have to be
pressed a few times.

Dirty fighting:
Pause game play during a match, and disable shields. Resume game
play and hold A while attacking. Your character should be able to do
a significant amount of damage without being hit too frequently.

Taunt opponent:
Press C-LEFT + C-RIGHT during a match.


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