Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg

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� Hidden characters:
  Complete the corresponding mission.
    Bantam Scrambled:   "Save Bantam" task in "Blizzard Castle" mission 4
    Chick Poacher:      "Save Chick" task in "Dino Mountain" mission 4
    Rolly Roll:         "Save Rolly" task in "Pirate Island" mission 4

� Game Boy Advance eggs (downloadable GBA mini-games):
  Find and hatch the following bonus eggs in the corresponding locations.
    Billy Hatcher Hyper Shoot Easy:   Dino Mountain 2
    Billy Hatcher Hyper Shoot Hard:   Sand Ruin 2
    Chu Chu Rocket:                   Pirates island 2
    Nights:                           Circus Park 2
    Puyo Pop:                         Blizzard Castle 3

� Sonic Team eggs:
  Get the indicated number of coins.
    Chao:        25 coins
    Kapu Kapu:   35 coins
    Rappy:       65 coins
    Amigo:      105 coins
    Sonic:      135 coins
    Tails:      155 coins
    Nights:     185 coins
    Knuckles:   205 coins

� Sonic egg:
  You must collect all five coins in each world to have access to one Sonic egg
  in every world.

� Bonus emblems:
  Complete one of the following tasks to unlock an emblem.
  - collect all coins
  - unlock the entire Egg Gallery
  - complete all missions
  - complete all missions with an "S" rank

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