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Frequently Asked Questions

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                            Best of the Best
                              Super Nintendo
                             Written by Aoi
                             10:27 PM 11/11/97

 On the options screen you have to choose everything for
 yourself like your name & nationality. On the main screen
 you also have to choose your own kickboxing attacks. I used
 many different variations of moves, so I don't remember the
 exact moves I used to defeat Cogneur. He was very tough took
 me a long time to beat him. I got to Gonzales and got stuck
 for a while and put the game down. A few months later I
 jumped back into it and beat Kun Liem then got stuck at Cogneur
 for a few months. I lost alot of earnings and my fighters'
 physical type was diminishing. Throughout all this about a
 year passed and I finally beat Cogneur which was back 2 years
 ago. WooHoo! Anyways here are 2 passwords you can use to get
 to Cogneur with all the other belts in your possession. Plus
 you are a millionaire, how's about that!

 I may include other passwords for the professional circuit
 starting from Helmut if you guys have a interest, but I
 think these are more satisfying.

 Kun Liem defeated and only Cogneur left for the World Championship

 You have $975,000 in fight earnings

 Physical Type:

 Strength: 99%
 Resistance: 99%
 Reflex: 89%


 Everyone defeated including Cogneur you have the World Championship

 You have $975,000 in fight earnings

 Physical Type:

 Strength: 99%
 Resistance: 99%
 Reflex: 99%


 The most important thing in this game is to train. Stay in the gym and
 build up your fighter. You'll need a powerful fighter as you go up in
 the ranks. Do not except too many kumite invitations. One is fine but
 just like the manual says much can be gained or lost in the kumite.
 You can lose alot of your money and your fighter can get very worn out
 and lose percentage on his physical type meter. Also the other important
 thing is choose your attacks in the moves selection screen wisely. You
 don't want too many flashy kicks or too many power moves because too
 much flair won't get you too far and too many power attacks make your
 fighter's attacks seem slow. You should mix them so when doing a flurry
 of attacks you can do a power blow to your opponent then seek in a
 jumping spin hook kick! Looks cool and you have a chance at getting in
 extra blows. Use variety if not you lose.


7E0221FF       Unlimited Energy

Cheats by Sebastian Armbrust -

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