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 This cheats have to be typed in at the main menu:

 GIMMEJIM     - boss code
 VIRTUAL1     - first person perspective
 FUNNYHEADS   - big heads
 LIFEISUNFAIR - special moves keys (untested)
Faster CPU:
  At the Takara logo, press UP, UP, SELECT, A, UP, UP, B for a faster CPU.

Get every character:
  When Ellis starts dancing press UP, DOWN, B, A, RIGHT, LEFT, B, A to get every
  character including Gaia, Gaia 2, Uranus, and Sho.

View every characters dialogue:
  When the Takara logo appears press B, A, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, DOWN, UP, B, A to
  view every characters dialogue including tips and special attacks.

Scorcher mode:
  When the Takara logo appears press SELECT three times to get into scorcher
  mode. This lets you do special attacks.

Cheats by Felipe Gerhard -

Infinite health player 1:
 801B82D0 00FE

Infinite time:
 801CA81C AB09

Play as Gaia:
 801BC24E 0008

Play as Sho:
 801BC24E 0009

Remove arms:
 801BC250 000A

Remove arms and legs:
 801BC250 0005

Have head only:
 801BC250 0001


For the PC version

  1. File:Battle Arena Toshinden hints.txt

For the Playstation version

  1. File:Battle Arena Toshinden cheats 3.txt
  2. File:Battle Arena Toshinden cheats 4.txt
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