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Sound Test:
  At the Title Screen, hold UP, RIGHT and press START.

Batarangs tip:
  Always go after Batarangs. They kill enemies faster and you can do it from a
  safe distance.

Hidden power-ups:
  In level 4-2 break the rocks to get much needed power-ups like small heart
  containers to boost your life meter.

Jack and Joker tip:
  To make it easier to defeat Jack and Joker, make it up to them with batarangs.
  You can kill them relatively fast if you throw them so that they touch Jack or
  joker just as they slow down or stop completely. This does massive damage to
  your adversaries.

Cheats & Hints by:
  - Martin Strohmeier -
  - Felipe Gerhard -

Frequently Asked Questions

The Jaders always appear in the same spots -- remember these. Fire three
missiles at those spots to destroy Jaders.

Q: How do I do the wall-jump thingy?
A: Jump against the wall, and as you touch it, quickly press your
   B button. You will grab the wall for a second. Quickly jump again.

Q: How do I kill off the electrocutioner in 3-4?
A: As soon as the stage starts, jump onto one of the top platforms in the
   room. when the Electrocutioner attacks, punch him to drain his energy.
   If your timing is right, the Electrocutioner will become confused and
   run into the wall. He will not turn around and is then vulnerable to
   any attack.

Q: What about the container alarms in 4-4?
A: Enter the room completely powered-up. Wall-jump to the center
   platform, and face left. Kneel down, and punch the first Container
   Alarm as quickly as you can until it is destroyed. Drop down to the
   middle of the screen, and onto the ledge on the left. Throw the dirk
   at the other Container Alarm until it is destroyed.

Q: How's about the firebug?
A: Well, the firebug raises his arms just before he throws his fireballs
   at you. Jump over them and fire the batarang at him (the batarang
   hits him twice per hit, and you need to conserve your weapon energy
   for the upcoming battle with the Joker). When he runs toward you, run
   towards him and jump; you should be able to jump safely over him and
   shoot him from behind.

Q: How do I kill the Joker?
A: As before, you can expect the lightning-attack when the Joker raises
   his arm. Avoid it, jump over the bullets, and batarang the joker to
   death. You can also try crouching right where the tip of his gun is
   at the floor and punching away at him, thus avoiding both the bullets
   and the lightning.


For the PC version

  1. File:Eymbvtrn.rar
  2. File:Fdx-bvtr.rar

For the Nintendo version

  1. File:Batman solution.txt
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