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Topwater     This type of lure floats and can be popped along the
             surface of the water, creating an eye-catching slpash.
             Topwater lures are best used when fish are close to
             the surface, which is likely on an overcast day, in
             the rain, or in the afternoon.

Crankbait    Crankbait stays close to the surface of the water after
             it is cast but dives when reeled in. Some crankbaits will
             go deep, but most stay in relatively shallow water. They
             can be tricky lures and are most effective in medium
             depths and in cold water.

Spinnerbait  Fast, noisy, and able to cover a lot of water quickly,
             Spinnerbait is a good choice when testing the waters.
             Small, dark spinnerbaits work bets in clear, sunny
             conditions, while the bigger and heavier spinnerbaits
             work well in the mud.

Plastic      The most sleek type of lure, plastics are often shaped
             like the bass's actual chow-worms, lizards, and crawfish.
             Naturally colored, smaller plastics work best in clear
             water, while brighter, larger plastics work in stained,
             muddy, or deeper water.

Spoon        When fishing in heavy vegetation, matted up grass and
             similar conditions, a spoon is a good bet, since none
             of its parts will get caught up in the plants. Flip a
             spoon right into the vegetation then pull it through
             without fear of entanglement.

Jig          This fair-weather bait is perfect for sunny days and
             clear water. Jigs are neither flashy nor fast and they
             don't make any noise, which make them the bait of choice
             when subtlety is paramount on those hard-to-fish, bright,
             sunny days.

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