Baseball Stars 2

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SZSSZSVV     Strikes do not Count
SXSITKVV     Balls do not Count
PAVIPILA     One Strike for an Out
ZAVIPILA     Two Strikes for an Out
GAVIPILA     Four Strikes for an Out
IAVIPILA     Five Strikes for an Out (Only 3 show on Screen)
PESSIGGA     One Ball for a Walk
ZESSIGGA     Two Balls for a Walk
LESSIGGA     Three Balls for a Walk
IESSIGGA     Five Balls for a Walk (Only 3 show on Screen)
TESSIGGA     Six Balls for a Walk (Only 3 show on Screen)

Vs. Mode Codes:
PANILTLA     One Out per Side instead of 3
ZANILTLA     Two Outs per Side
GANILTLA     Four Outs per Side

Vs. the Computer Codes:
PAOAILLA     One Out per Side instead of 3
ZAOAILLA     Two Outs per Side
GAOAILLA     Four Outs per Side
PEXPVGLZ     Game ends after 1 Inning
LEXPVGLZ     Game ends after 2 Innings
TEXPVGLZ     Game ends after 3 Innings
AEXPVGLX     Game ends after 4 Innings
ZEXPVGLX     Game ends after 5 Innings
GEXPVGLX     Game ends after 6 Innings
TEXPVGLX     Game ends after 7 Innings
AOXPVGLZ     Game ends after 8 Innings


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