Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly

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Kill treehouse bosses:
  To kill treehouse bosses, throw a boomerang away from them then jump over
  their heads. The boss turns to look at you and the boomerang hits the back of
  his head.

Make Cows Happy:
  When you are in the stable, corral the cattle toward the front door - then
  push them out! You and your cows will all take a walk together, and this makes
  them happy.
  Note: Walking the cattle will take an hour.

Toggle Music:
  To toggle music, pause the game and press B.

How to defeat the treehouse baddys:
  You can shoot Blindside Bil and Rebound Rodney in the back with the
  boomerangs. Throw your boomerang in the opposite direction of where the baddy
  is standing and jump over his head. You can push Slimpshot in the hole by
  throwing a lot of boomerangs in his face.

Turn music on and off:
  Pause the game and press A while it's paused. This allows you to turn the
  music on and off.

Cheats by:
  - Snop_Dogg (
  - Felipe Gerhard (

030292C9 - unlimited lives
010298C9 - unlimited energy

ARCs by Felipe Gerhard -

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