Backyard Baseball

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 Play as Mr. Clanky

 To play as Mr. Clanky, go to the trophy case in the clubhouse and hold
 [Shift] as you click on him!

 (Note: This cheat only works in Exhibition Mode.)

 Win All Levels

 To win all levels is simple. Just kick the ball out of bounds, and
 press: [Shift][Tab][Enter]. Note: May not work on all versions.

Enter at the Goodies Screen.
Code ...... Effect
21222122 .. Big Hands
22122212 .. Big Heads
21221221 .. Fast Kids
12112211 .. Flat Kids

Create-A-Player cheats

At the create-a-player screen, enter your name as below, click done twice.
Code ...... Effect
Barry Dejay Play as Barry Dejay
LEMON BOY . Play as Thor Herring


� Hidden characters:
    Abner Dubbleplay  Earn all 20 certificates.
    Barry Deejay      Have a saved game file from "Backyard Basketball" on
                      your memory card.
    Derek Jeter       Execute two double plays in a single game in Season Mode.
    Greg Maddux       Win 20 games in Season Mode.
    Mike Piazza       Hit a Grand Slam in Season Mode.
    Mr. Clanky        Complete Clanky's Coaching Box.
    Pedro Martinez    Throw a shutout in Season Mode.
    Randy Johnson     Get 75 career strikeouts (including playoffs). If you
                      have any other pitcher, put him in. He does not have
                      that good Running, Contact or Defense status, but is
                      a very good pitcher.
    Shawn Green       Hit the ball to gain a base 60 times in Season Mode.

� Hidden stadium:
  Hit a homerun into the pool at "Steele Stadium", into the swamp at "Gator
  Flats", and into the lake at "Frasier Field". The Aquadome Stadium should
  now be unlocked.

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