Back To The Future

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Turn off Annoying Music during gameplay:

Ever been annoyed by the repetative music of Back to the Future for NES?
Worry no more... pause the game, hold the directional pad, select, A and
B simultaneously, then unpause the game... won't get rid of the sound
effects, but at least the music won't be bugging you... enjoy!
Start with 1 Life

Start with 8 Lives

Never lose a Life in Hill Valley Game

Never lose a Life in Cafe Game

Never lose a Life in School Game

Never lose a Life in Dancing Hall Game

Disable all Timers

Frequently Asked Questions

this game wins both the "most annoying music" award and the "most inhuman
difficulty" award, but it must be defeated, so..

Q: How many guys do I have to kill off in the cafe?
A: You have to knock down at least fifty by throwing milkshakes at them
   before they overrun you at the soda fountain. If you knock down 100,
   you complete the stage.

Q: What do I do in the school?
A: Oh no! Lorraine's fallen in love with you and is throwing hearts at
   you in a touching gesture of commitment! now you get to.. block every
   single freaking one of those hearts..!!!! If you block at least 100
   hears before one hits you, you complete the stage.

Q: WHat do I do in the dance-hall?
A: You're part of the band and yer trying to keep up with the music being
   played. So, block the approaching musical notes with your guitar, and
   the "love meter" (tm) rises. When it hits the top, George and Lorraine
   kiss and the stage is over.

Q: Oh no! I finished that bit and now I'm driving this like car down the
   road! Hurry up and tell me what to do before I die!
A: Chill out, sir. Maintain 88 mph while avoiding the lightning. There's
   a wire at the end of the street; touch it as the lightning strikes the
   clock tower, and you will win the game!

   (ok, so maybe it's not that easy, but..)
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