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Enter this codes at the cheat menu.

 XXX RATED CHEAT         Level select
 MASS HYSTERIA           Stage select

 ELECTRICITYBAD          Play as Amish Boy
 I LOVE WOOD             Play as Amish Boy

 65 SWEET RIDES          All bikes
 AMISHBOY1699            Amish Boy's bikes
 HELLKITTY487            Hellkitty's bikes
 ITCHI594                Itchi's bikes
 JOYRIDE18               Joyride's bikes
 KARMA311                Karma's bikes
 LATEY411                La'tey's bikes
 MANUEL415               Manuel's bikes
 MIKA362436              Mika's bikes
 NUTTER290               Nutter's bikes
 RAVE10                  Rave's bikes
 SKEETER666              Skeeter's bikes
 TRIPLEDUB922            Tripledub's bikes
 TWAN18                  Twan's bikes

 SHOWMETHEMONKEY         Launch Pad 69 level
 IOWARULES               Rampage Skatepark level
 THATDAMLEVEL            The Dam level
 SHOWMETHEMONEY          Las Vegas level
 UNDERGROUND             Roots level
 BAABAA                  Sheep Hills level
 BOYBANDSSUCK            Syracuse level

 3RD SOG                 Night vision mode
 FLUFFYBUNNY             Happy bunny mode
 GHOSTCONTROL            Ghost control mode
 HEAVYPETTING            Super crash mode
 MAKEMEANGRY             Green skin mode
 PARABOLIC               Visible gap mode
 Z AXIS                  More speed

 CHAMPAGNE ROOM          All FMV sequences
 XXXINTRO                Random introduction sequence
 THISISBMXX              Bonus Movie 1 FMV sequence
 KEEPITDIRTY             Bonus Movie 2 FMV sequence
 BOING                   Dam 1 FMV sequence
 THONG                   Dam 2 FMV sequence
 DDUULRRLDRSQUARE        Final Movie FMV sequence
 HIGHBEAMS               Las Vegas 1 FMV sequence
 TASSLE                  Las Vegas 2 FMV sequence
 IFLINGPOO               Launch Pad 69 1 FMV sequence
 PEACH                   Launch Pad 69 2 FMV sequence
 BURLESQUE               Rampage Skatepark 2 FMV sequence
 ONEDOLLAR               Sheep FMV sequence
 69                      Sheep Hills 2 FMV sequence
 FUZZYKITTY              Syracuse 1 FMV sequence
 MICHAELHUNT             Syracuse 2 FMV sequence
 LAPDANCE                The Bronx, NYC 1 FMV sequence
 STRIPTEASE              The Bronx, NYC 2 FMV sequence
 FREESAMPLE              The Bronx, NYC 3 FMV sequence
 BOOTYCALL               UGP Roots Jam 2 FMV sequence

All cheats have to be entered as a code at the cheat menu.

Level select:

Stage select:

Play as Amish Boy:

All bikes:

Amish Boy's bikes:

Hellkitty's bikes:

Itchi's bikes:

Joyride's bikes:

Karma's bikes:

La'tey's bikes:

Manuel's bikes:

Mika's bikes:

Nutter's bikes:

Rave's bikes:

Skeeter's bikes:

Tripledub's bikes:

Twan's bikes:

Launch Pad 69 level:

Rampage Skatepark level:

The Dam level:

Las Vegas level:

Roots level:

Sheep Hills level:

Syracuse level:

Night vision mode:

Happy bunny mode:
This mode allows you to get more air.

Ghost control mode:

Super crash mode:

Green skin mode:

Visible gap mode:

More speed:

All FMV sequences:

Random introduction sequence:
The introduction sequence will now be various FMV sequences that you have
already unlocked.

Bonus Movie 1 FMV sequence:

Bonus Movie 2 FMV sequence:

Dam 1 FMV sequence:

Dam 2 FMV sequence:

Final Movie FMV sequence:

Las Vegas 1 FMV sequence:

Las Vegas 2 FMV sequence:

Launch Pad 69 1 FMV sequence:

Launch Pad 69 2 FMV sequence:

Rampage Skatepark 2 FMV sequence:

Sheep FMV sequence:

Sheep Hills 2 FMV sequence:

Syracuse 1 FMV sequence:

Syracuse 2 FMV sequence:

The Bronx, NYC 1 FMV sequence:

The Bronx, NYC 2 FMV sequence:

The Bronx, NYC 3 FMV sequence:

UGP Roots Jam 2 FMV sequence:

Park editor:
This will crash the game. It is not known at this time if this feature can be
enabled correctly.

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