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Kill Yourself

Pause the game and press Left Shift,A,Right Shift,C,B

Level select

On the Options Screen, with controller two, press Left Right Left Right Up Down Left
 Shift Right Shift Start. The words secret mode should appear at the top of the screen.
Now return to the Title Screen and with controller one press Up Down Left Right Left
Shift Right Shift A Y C Z B X. You can now choose your level.

Refill Life

Pause the game and press Down Right Shift Up Left AShift X A Y B Z C Right

Secret Mode

On the options screen, press Left Right Left Right UP Down Left Shift Right Shift Start.
A new entry called Secret Mode should appear which you can increase the number of
lives to 99.

Press pause while playing the game and enter the follwowing codes.

Level Warp
DOLLDOOR (Down,A,Left,Left,Down,A,A,Right.)You immediatedly finish the current
habbit and return to the castle.

30,000 Crowns
LOOTLORD (Left,A,A,B,Left,A,Right,Down.) You immediately recieve 30,000 crowns,
the maxium amount of loot allowed in the game. Show Map
LOUDTOOT (Left,A,Up,Down,B,A,A,B.) The entire map of the current habitat is revealed.

Play After Death
ODDROD (A,Down,Down,Right,A,Down.) This cheat allows you to play after village
is completely destoryed.

Well Stocked Shop
TROLLDROOL (B, Right,A,Left,Left,Down,Right,A,A,Left.) All items and weapons in the
game become available for purchase.

TROT (B,Right,A,B)

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