Army Men: Air Attack

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Unlimited Missiles:
 80196EE8 0029

Unlimited Homing Missiles:
 80196EB8 0039

Unlimited Napalms:
 80196E88 0004

Unlimited Lasers:
 80196DF8 0025

Unlimited Multiple Missiles:
 80196E28 0014

Unlimited Dynamite:
 80196E58 0002

All Helicopters:
 E00D 9FEB 0001
 300D 9FEB 0004

All CoPilots:
 E00D 9FEC 0003
 300D 9FEC 0005

Infinite items:
In the password screen enter x, square, circle, circle, square, circle,
circle, r1, r2
Submission:Kriskros (

All Copilots:
In the password screen type up,down,up,down,up,down,up,down.
Submission: John Keenan ( Kriskros (

Level Passwords:
Level 2:X, Down,Left,Left,Square,Circle,Circle,Right
Level 3:Triangle,Up,Left,Right,Down,Triangle,Circle,Up
Level 4:Down,Down,Square,Square,Left,Right,Circle,X
Level 5:Right,Right,X,Circle,Down,Up,Down,UP
Level 6:Up,Up,Up,Right,Down,Down,X,X
Level 7:Square,Circle,X,Square,Triangle,Left,Up,Right
Level 8:Right,Down,Left,Up,Triangle,Down,Up,Down
Level 9: Circle, Circle, Right, Up, Right, Up, X, X
Level 10: X, Down, Down, Down, Down, X, Left, Right
Level 11: Triangle, Up, Circle, Down, Square, Left, X, Right
Level 12: Up, Up, Triangle, Triangle, Left, Left, Circle, Circle
Level 13: Left, Down, Left, Down, Square, Circle, Square, Circle
Level 14: Down, Down, Down, Down, X, X, Circle, Circle
Level 15: Square, Right, Left, Circle, Circle, Up, Down, Square
Level 16: Down, Up, Down, Up, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle

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