Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection Volume 1

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 Infinite Lives P1:
 300F595B 0006

Infinite Lives P2:
 300F595C 0006

Score Modifier P1:
 800F5956 ????

Score Modifier P2:
 800F5958 ????

Battle Zone
 Infinite Lives:
 80132E4C 0004

Score Modifier:
 80132E38 ????

 Infinite Lives P1:
 3011A93D 0005

Infintie Lives P2:
 3011A93E 0005

Score Modifier P1:
 3011A940 00??
 3011A942 00??

Score Modifier P2:
 3011A941 00??
 3011A943 00??

Missile Command
 Infinite Cities P1:
 3012438C 0006

Infinite Cities P2:
 3012438D 0006

Score Modifier P1:
 301244A2 00??
 301244A4 00??

Score Modifier P2:
 301244A3 00??
 301244A5 00??

Infinite Shots (Alpha Fire):
 3012436C 000A

Infinite Shots (Delta Fire):
 3012436D 000A

Infinite Shots (Omega Fire):
 3012436E 000A

Super Breakout
 Score Modifier P1:
 300FC314 00??

Score Modifier P2:
 300FC315 00??

Infinite Turns:
 800FC2F8 0001

 Infinite Lives P1:
 30125080 0003

Infinite Lives P2:
 30125081 0003

Score Modifier P1:
 80125078 ????

Score Modifier P2:
 3012507B 00??
 3012507C 00??

Level skip (Tempest):
At the demonstration and high score screens, press Select. Then, use the "Game Options" selection to
enable demonstration mode. Now begin a game and press L1 or R1 to change

Tempest Level Skip:
Choose Tempest and press the SELECT button while the game is showing the demo
and high scores. This should bring you to a sub-menu. Next Select Game Options
and turn on the demonstration mode. Then start a one or two-player game. Pause
and un-pause the game to advance to a level, or use the shoulder buttons.

Cheat Menu:
To access a cheat menu, start any game and press L1 + L2. When the options
screen appears, press X to view the new cheat menu.

Mortal Kombat 3 sounds:
The Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits disc contains sounds from Mortal Kombat 3. Turn on the
PlayStation without a CD. Then when the main menu appears, select the CD Player. Load the disc. Now
two tracks will be displayed. Play track two for five minutes and twenty seconds of character names
with wins and flawless victories.

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