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 During the game press ~ to open the console, then type

 exodus 15:3

 to enable the cheatmode, then you might type in

 god 0 / 1       - Toggle God mode
 nextlevel       - Skip current level
 fly 0 / 1       - Toggle Fly Mode
 changecharacter - Change current playing character
 botcombat       - Toggle botcombat
 botmove         - Toggle botmovement
 botforcefight   - Toggle bots forced fights
 listplayers     - List all active level players
 addbot          - Add a new bot based on a script
 editbot         - Edit bot traits of given ID
 removebot       - Remove the given bot from play
 makebotdead     - Kill the given bot
 playmovie       - Play given movie
 botorders       - View current bot orders
 getres          - Get current resolution
 setres          - Set current resolution
 list            - Many more commands :-)