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All cheats have to be entered in a new Dream mode game as a brand name!

All tracks and circuits: WORLD
All concept cars:        DREAMY
All production cars:     REALITY


Easy Win:
After a race starts on the easiest level, get yourself into second place. Then,
do anything to block the rest of the field behind you until the leader gets a
very big lead. Catching up to him will be easy for you, but the rest of the
field will continue to lag behind. You should be able to get a win, but you have
a guaranteed second place if not.

Easy Research Points:
The easiest way to get research points is to do the champion track races
repeatedly. They are the fastest way to win research points.

Keeping Production Up:
Keep track of your factory between your races. If production gets too slow or
your workers are idle with their hands in their pockets, you need to get some
wins. If you are having trouble in your current class, drop down to a lower
racing class to win easier and restore production levels.

Recommended Car Manufacturing Order:
The best cars to make are (in order), a roadster then one of each car after

Fixing Save Glitch:
If you are having trouble with a saved game, try the following procedure.
It requires a memory card. Go to the Xbox dashboard (open the tray) and copy
your Apex saved game files to the memory card (savegame and setup). Delete the
files on the Xbox. Reboot the Xbox without a disc. Copy the files back to the
Xbox. The game should now work as expected.

At the loading screen hold down the Right trigger and press Up, Down, Left and

Thanks for this contribution go to:
Markus Leitl (Leitl@Newsring.de)
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