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Experience the most successful horse show in Europe, right in your own home in this game based around Apassionata. Many of those who watched this famous gala are dreaming of becoming an Apassionata star, too.

This dream is about to come true. But before they achieve this goal, they need to gather experience in horse care.

Apassionata offers an enormous variety of exciting functions. Various aspects of horse care, such as feeding and grooming, are covered by the game. Petting the horses, trail rides, and training activities performed daily at any riding stable - are also part of the game.

In two shops, players get to dress up their avatars, and purchase equipment and accessories for their horses.

Once the horse is groomed and trained, the great moment draws nearer participation in the Apassionata show. This is where horse and rider get to strut their stuff, performing difficult tricks on a floodlit stage. Appropriate clothing and the right accessories for the horses are almost as important as accurate riding, because they help create the magic of this show for the audience.