Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis

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First Set 6 Games Won:
 8015C380 0006

Second Set 6 Games Won:
 8015C384 0006

Third Set 6 Games Won:
 8015C388 0006

Fourth Set 6 Games Won:
 8015C38C 0006

Fifth Set 6 Games Won:
 8015C390 0006

First Set 0 Games Won:
 8015C394 0000

Second Set 0 Games Won:
 8015C398 0000

Third Set 0 Games Won:
 8015C39C 0000

Fourth Set 0 Games Won:
 8015C3A0 0000

Fifth Set 0 Games Won:
 8015C3A4 0000

P1 - 2 Points to win Game:
 D007A658 0001
 8007A658 0004

P2 - Cant score more than 15 points:
 D007A65C 0002
 8007A65C 0001

View All End Sequences:
When the phrase "PRESS START" appears on the main menu, press UP four times,
DOWN four times, LEFT four times, then RIGHT four times on Controller 2. You must do this
very quickly.

Submission: Al Amaloo (
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