And 1 Streetball

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In-Game Codes

Code                    Effect
Circle,Triangle,Square,Square,Triangle,Circle,X,Circle	Hamiltons- Lotta Cash
Press Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle, X, Square	No I-Ball move timing restriction
Press Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle	Shot release text
Press X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, X, Square	The OG Way


Select "Cheat" at the "Option" menu then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Password                Effect
A(2), Y, X(2), B, Y, B. All breakdowns
B, X(2), Y, B, X, A(2). All characters
A, B, B, A, X, Y, A, X  All I-ball moves
B, X, Y, X, B, A, X, B. All messages
X, A, X, B, Y, X, A(2). All movies
Y, X, B, A(2), Y(2), X. All side Games
X, B, A, B, X, A, X, Y. Always on fire
Y, B, X(2), B, Y, A, Y  Hamiltons (GIVES YOU 1 MILLION DOLLARS!!)
B(2), A(2), X, Y, X, Y. Master Code
X, A, Y, X, A, Y, B(2). Never miss a shot (unless blocked)
B, Y, X, X, Y, B, A, X  No I-Ball move timing restriction
Y(2), B, A, X, A, B, Y  Play as DJ Green Lantern
B, A(2), Y, A, B(2), X. Play as Flash:
X, A, B, A, B, Y, B, A  Play as Shane:
Y, A, Y, X, B, A, Y, X. Play as Skip to My Lou:
B, X, Y, Y, X, X, Y, B  Shot release text
B, Y, X, X, Y, B, A, X  The OG Way