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 Open the file Anachrono\anoxdata\CONFIGS\Default.cfg with an normal text editor.
 Search for

 set debug 0

 and change it to

 set debug 1

 Now the debug mode is enabled. Start the game and and press [~], then type in:

 invoke 1:86     Cheat menu
 battlewin       Skip battles
 noclip          No clipping mode


 There's several gaming sites with the same cheats for Anachronox with the

 exec noxdrop - ???
 exec noxdrop_ai - ???
 exec bed - ???
 exec envshot - ???

 As if they don't know what the cheats do!  Quite simply, for instance, envshot
 is one of the many configuration files, each with it's own set of hot keys.
 All you have to do is look in each cfg file to see what keys are available.

 You can create your own configuration file and save it as my.cfg or whatever
 you want.  Since the noclip command only allows you to go straight through, on
 the level of terraine you're on, there is a way around this limitation.

 In the game's configs directory, use a text editor and put the following in it:

 bind q "+moveup"
 bind z "+movedown"

 Now save the file as my.cfg

 Usually the q and z are unbound so it's safe to use
 those 2 keys.

 Each time you start the game, use the cheat console
 and type in the following:

 exec my

 Then of course hit enter.  Now type in coclip and hit
 enter.  When you want to fly up, just use q and to go
 down just use z.

 George K. Ison aka GARR


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