America - No Peace beyond the Line

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 Press [Enter], type in the code at the command line and confirm with [Enter]:

 iwantfastfood            1000 food
 woodisverygood           1000 wood
 goldinmypockets          1000 gold
 gimmemorefirepower       10 guns
 horsesarecrazy           10 horses
 icangeteverything        6000 food + 6000 wood + 5500 gold + 50 guns + 50 horses
 icanwineverythingnow     Win mission
 iwantareallybadguy       Billy the Kid
 iwantareallystronghero   Hero Galla
 iwantanamericanhero      Hero David

 Type these codes as player name

 Der Meister              Play all indian missions
 AirmaxAir                Play all indian and mexican missions


  1. File:IC America-trainer.rar
  2. File:America-trainer.rar - Mega-Trainer