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Infinite Health:
 3012708C 0032
 30127090 0032

Infinite Money:
 D21EAB7C 00FF
 801EAB7C 270F

Infinite Magic:
 301EAB78 0004
 301EAB7A 0004

Mega Jump:
 80127132 0002
D0126270 0040
 Note:Hold X button down to gain hieght and tap d button for direction.

Have 99 Gilded Falcons:
 301EAB82 0063

Have Keys:
 301EAC7C 0063
 301EACB4 0001
 301EACAC 0001

Warp Gates Open:
 301EA73E 00FF

Open Three Doors at IMP Temple:
 801EA724 0400
 801EA726 0011

Inventory Items:

Fire Wand:
 301EABC8 0001

Ice Wand:
 301EABC0 0001

Sreel Flail:
 301EABB0 0001

Olgas Ring:
 301EAC54 0001

The Bow:
 301EABA0 0001

Spirit Wand:
 301EABA4 0001

Legendary Sword:
 301EABA8 0001

The Bomb:
 301EAC14 0001

 301EAC18 0001

Strength Elixer:
 301EAC1C 0001

Magic Elixer:
 301EAC20 0001

Wonder Essence:
 301EAC24 0001

Aqua Cape:
 301EAC28 0001

Earth Scroll:
 301EAC34 0001

Water Scroll:
 301EAC3C 0001

Fire Scroll:
 301EAC44 0001

Wind Scroll:
 301EAC4C 0001

Olga's Ring:
 301EAC54 0001

Oak's Ring:
 301EAC58 0001

Silver Armlet:
 301EAC5C 0001

Nava's Charm:
 301EAC60 0001

Recover Ring:
 301EAC64 0001

Secret Pass:
 301EAC6C 0001

Power Glove:
 301EAC74 0001

Elevator Key:
 301EAC78 0001

Ruby Crest:
 301EAC80 0001

Saphire Crest:
 301EAC84 0001

Agate Crest:
 301EAC8C 0001

Garnet Crest:
 301EAC90 0001

Emerald Crest:
 301EAC94 0001

Silver Armour:
 301EABD8 0001

Charm Boots:
 301EABF8 0001

Spring Bean:
 301EAC04 0001

Sand Cape:
 301EAC08 0001

Broken Armour:
 301EAC0C 0001

Important Note:
 The above selection of codes will fill your Inventory with a useful range of items. Once entered
Into the Action Replay any game save or loading of a saved game must be done with the Action replay
button switched off and then turned on after loading or saving.

The codes below can also be used bearing in mind that the inventory can only hold so many items.

The Iron Flail:
 301EABAC 0001

Earth Book:
 301EAC38 0001

Water Book:
 301EAC40 0001

Fire Book:
 301EAC48 0001

Wind Book:
 301EAC50 0001

 301EAC68 0001

 301EACB0 0001

Leather Armour:
 301EABD0 0001

Ancient Armour:
 301EABD4 0001

Long Boots:
 301EABF0 0001

Merman Boots:
 301EABF4 0001

 801DE5A8 270F

Current HP:
 801DE5A0 0032

Maximum HP:
 801DE5A2 0032


  1. File:Alundra cheats 2.txt
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