Alpine Racer 3

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Cybertrick Monster Track:
To gain access to the Cybertrick Monster Track you must win the Tournament Mode. After you finished the Tournament you will be able to play the Cybertrick Monster Track.

Mastering the Cybertick Monster Track:
The Cybertrick Monster Track is very difficult. The easiest way to beat it is to use a Advanced Snowboard (18000 - 25000 $) Snowboard which is slow but easy to master. This track consist out of 3 rounds. After the little water sports section you gainPatch
 access to a tunnel system in which you have turn left on the first chance. There will be 3 laser gates which you have to circumvent in order to complete the track. Else certrain doors are shut and you won't be able to complete in the remaining time.g
t the end of this tunnel you will be jumping on some dropping tiles where you have to move over from left to right. Maybe some jumps are necessary. The tiles drop in every race on other positions.

Theater Mode:
Win the Cybertrick Monster Track with Shan Mifume to unlock the Theater Mode which you can find in the Options Menue.

Open Player Movies in Theater Mode:
To open the Player Movie win with every single Player the Tournament Mode and Cybertrick Monster Track without using any continues. A good possibility for slow Players is to get through the complete Tournament without using continues is to play the tg
nament as long until you have enough money to buy the fastest board in here. Then restart the Tournament and try you luck !

To play as Klonoa you have to buy all equipment for all Players after unlocking the Theater Mode with all Player Movies. Klonoa ist the fastest and best Player of em all !

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