Alone in the Dark 2

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 Edit save0.itd with the hex editor and go to sector 0047 and change
 the byte 0056 to FF

Unlimited revolver bullets:
 8010DA5E 0006

Unlimited thompson bullets:
 8010DA4C 000A

Unlimited energy:
 8010DA5C 0037

Infinite Health:
 8010E098 0032

Infinite Ammos:
 80028764 0000
 80028766 0000

Infinite Energy [Note]:
 801E65BC 0032

Infinite Revolver Ammo [Note]:
 80110AD6 0006

Infinite Thompson Ammo [Note]:
 80110AD8 001E

Infinite Thompson Ammo (INT):
 801EA39C 03E7

Infinite Pistol Ammo (INT):
 801EA3AE 03E7

Note: Sometimes these codes work, and sometimes they do not. So if they do not work, then try them

Unlock Cheat Mode:
At the main menu, press L1, L2, Left.


For the Sega Saturn version

  1. File:Alone in the Dark 2 walkthrough.txt - Walkthrough

For the PC version

  1. File:Alone2-other.rar