All Star Baseball 2003

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Endless points:
You have to throw a perfect game to get 100 points. Switch controls every time the CPU is purposely strike out. You get points for 27 strikeouts and for a perfect game. Repeat this as often as needed. Use your points to buy cards to activate cheats, n.
diums, jerseys, producers and players.

Homerun replay:
Watch the homerun replay. When the batter is on the third base, press some buttons to get different camera angles.

Creating dream team:
Go to the player creation screen and put the players position on catcher. Set arm strength, accuracy, glove and range to D and contact, power, hitting, speed, bunt and patience to A.
Get your player out of the free agent pool with an A or A- rate and trade.

Enhanced hitting:
Press Start after the pitcher releases the ball. You will see the way of the ball. Continue the gameplay and move your batting cursor over it to get a powerful swing.

Enhanced pitching:
Choose a pitcher that can do a "slurve" or a "dominate curve".

Reset pitcher's energy:
Play in season, franchise or expansion mode. Go to the DL and put every pitcher on the 15 day DL. Then take him back into your lineup.

Enhanced teams in franchise or expansion mode:
Trade your "bad" players for slightly better players. Even if the CPU rejects your trade, keep trying. Make the trade reasonable.

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