Alarm for Cobra 11: Crash Time

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After you have loaded the profile, you have to enter the menu or in the 3D engine the following codes: full garage - All cars unlocked wantstreets - All tracks unlocked

The following cheats you are in the 3D engine available: adac - Player-vehicle (in split screen all vehicles) to be repaired useshell - player car is indestructible eatlead - doubling the range of (physical reach of fire, automatic target), enhancement of the rate of fire and automatic needspeed - Unlimited Nitro stocks goaway - explodes All traffic coming from wannago - No automatic reset on the track john wayne - Infinite kills inactivity in Patroille mode and single race (not in split screen!) Ends in 10 seconds.


  1. File:Cobra11.rar - +3 Trainer for v1.11
  2. File:Unl-actu.rar - Game unlocker