Air Combat 2

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On the Musicplayer hit select for a screensaver-like picture. You have two
modes, accessed by the times you press the SELECT button.

Lock viewpoint:
During replay, hold the "map" button.

Change mission map viewpoint:
On the mission selection screen, put the cursor over "MISSION" and hit select
for 3 different viewing angles.

Music player:
By clearing the game with a rank higher than "First Lieutenant", a music player
mode will show up in the option menu. All 28 tracks of music can be accessed.
Here are the controls: L1 or L2 to skip forward, R1 or R2 to skip backward,
circle to select track, select to toggle screen, square or triangle or X to end.

View backside of analog stick:
In the key config. screen, hit select button to see the backside of the right

XFA-27 Plane:
To get the mother of all fighters-the XFA-27 you must: Complete the game on the
normal level, Play on hard level until you reach the "low altitude attack
mission"(I can't remember the codename). There is a special squadron over the
south of the target called Fox Force Four. It consists of four YF-23A's .
Destroy all four and on the debriefing screen you will get a lovely new medel
and the new aircraft available message will appear. The XFA-27 is one mean
plane. Trust me. It also looks awesome- like a cross between a tomcat an f-15s
and a flanker and yf23. It can fire four missiles at a time and has unrivalled
flight characteristics.

"Lieutenant General" Jim Clinton

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