Adventures Of Lolo

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Level passwords

 1-1 BBBV
 1-2 BCBT
 1-3 BDBR
 1-4 BGBQ
 1-5 BHBP
 2-1 BJBM
 2-2 BKBL
 2-3 BLBK
 2-4 BMBJ
 2-5 BPBH
 3-1 BQBG
 3-2 BRBD
 3-3 BTBC
 3-4 BVBB
 3-5 BYZZ
 4-1 BZZY
 4-2 CBZV
 4-3 CCZT
 4-4 CDZR
 4-5 CGZQ
 5-1 CHZP
 5-2 CJZM
 5-3 CKZL
 5-4 CLZK
 5-5 CMZJ
 6-1 CPZH
 6-2 CQZG
 6-3 CRZD
 6-4 CTZC
 6-5 CVZB
 7-1 CYYZ
 7-2 CZYY
 7-3 DBYV
 7-4 DCYT
 7-5 DDYR
 8-1 DGYQ
 8-2 DHYP
 8-3 DJYM
 8-4 DKYL
 8-5 DLYK
 9-1 DMYJ
 9-2 DPYH
 9-3 DQYG
 9-4 DRYD
 9-5 DTYC
10-1 DVYB
10-2 DYVZ
10-3 DZVY
10-4 GBVV
10-5 GCVT

Bonus levels

Tobias Wagner
Kevin J. & Sebi D.
Andrej Sinicyn
Infinite Lives

1 Life for Lolo(tm)

9 Lives for Lolo
 =>See Boss: To see the leader of the next stage, simply kill the first
   boss and pause the game as he flies off the screen.

 =>Continue: At the end of the first stage, just before the G sign, will
   be some platforms and a cliff. Jump up at the edge of the cliff to
   reveal an egg containing the Hudson Bee. Grab it, and you can continue
   your game on the Game Over screen by holding R and pressing START.
   Or, hold U+A+SELECT and press START.

 =>Controller: In world 1-4, play until you see a red flower, which
   indicates that a coyote will attack you from behind. Shoot the coyote
   two times while jumping, and a Nintendo controller will appear. Grab
   it for 1000 points.

 =>Stage Select: On the title screen, press D U L R B A B A.

(C) Copyright 1999 by David Dayton

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So, how do I get thru room 6-3?
A: - Push the EF in the middle of the screen to thr right of the medusa
     in the lower-right corner
   - Go up and take the two hearts that are below the leeper on the
     right side
   - When the leeper is at the top of the room, push the EF that seals
     in the leeper up two spaces to set it free. It starts chasing you.
   - Go down and left, making sure the leeper follows you
   - Stand in the top center of the garden under the medusa in the
     top-left corner. The leeper falls asleep between the upper-left
     medusa and the heart to the leeper's right.
   - Go to the top-right corner and push the EF to the left of the
     lower-right medusa. Now take all the hearts and leave.

Q: And what about room 7-3?
A: - take the hearts from the left and right of the screen
   - go up the middle of the screen and shoot the left gol
   - push the gol left and block the right side of the left medusa
   - repeat the above on the right gol and block the right medusa
   - shoot the gols that guard both sides of the chest
   - take the last heart and chest, and leave.

Q: OK, what about room 9-1?
A: This room is evil and requires a bit of practice to do right..
   - Immediately go right four spaces; there should be a bridge up,
     right, and left of you
   - When the alma is two spaces to the right, go up, left, and down
     around the alma.
   - get the heart in the top-left corner
   - just as you get to the heart, the alma should be in the
     top-right corner and moving down to attack again. Move back and
     two spaces to the right from where you started the stage. When
     the alma is two spaces to the right of you, move up, right, and
   - while the alma is moving away from you, run to the chest and leave.

Q: If you tell me how to get thru 9-4, I'll give you head.
A: - go to the top-left corner and get the three hearts
   - you get to lay one bridge; lay the bridge four spaces down from the
     first bridge you crossed
   - go to the lower-left corner just to the right of the snakey
   - shoot the snakey twice to kill it and move two spaces to the right.
     Do -not- get the heart yet
   - wait for the snakey, and push it to the left to protect yourself
     from the gol's shots
   - get one of the chests from the top-left corner and push it to block
     the lower-right gol's shots
   - shoot the gol guarding the chest, grab it and leave.


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