Addams Family

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Jump while holding left at the far-left wall of the toy chest. Your character
should jump through afalse panel in the wall. Ascend the cavity by pressing UP.

Hold Down + A + B + SELECT and press START after losing a life.

Go into the toy chest. Move to the far left and jump holding left. You should
move into an invisible cavity on the wall. Press UP and you go to the family
vault and you collect all the money.

Go to the SECOND basement. Walk to the last barrel on the right and jump. When
your feet are about equal the top of the barrel press UP to go to the last

Cheats by:
- Snop_Dogg (
- Felipe Gerhard -

 Code     Destiny

 &1Y1M    defeated bird, new energy heart
 ?1J14    defeated snowmonster, new engergy heart
 ?ZR1K    free daughter Wednesday
 VGJ1Y    free oncle Vester
 VZ�K�    free son Pugsley
 VLKKV    free grandma

 Level codes:

 01       VLH1C
 02       ?ZR9R
 03       1ZYKF
 04       VDJ15
 05       ?DY9M
 06       VDH9C

Level select:
In the credits screen press
[Left], [Up], [Right], [Down], [Up], [Right], [Left], [Down]
and one of the buttons below:

Level Button
2     [Up]
3     [Left]
4     [Down]
5     [Right]
6     [Select]
7     [B]

CODE     KEY IN . . .                EFFECT . . .
1        PEVGGALA                    Start with 1 life--1st game only
2        TEVGGALA                    Start with 6 lives--1st game only
3        PEVGGALE                    Start with 9 lives--1st game only
4        GXSVAUVK                    Infinite lives
5        GXKKZSVK                    Infinite life
6        GXEVLVVK                    Infinite Things(tm)
7        PEKGTAAA                    Start in the tree
8        ZEKGTAAA                    Start in the crypt
9        LEKGTAAA                    Start in the hallway
10       AEKGTAAE                    Start in Fester's(tm) room
11       PEKGTAAE                    Start in Pugsly's(tm) room
12       ZEKGTAAE                    Start in the toy room
13       LEKGTAAE                    Start in Wednesday's(tm) room
14       GEKGTAAE                    Start in the attic
15       YEKGTAAE                    Start in a secret room
16       AOKGTAAA                    Start in a secret room
17       POKGTAAA                    Start in a secret room
18       IOKGTAAE                    Start in the bone room
19       PXKGTAAA                    Start in the freezer
20       ZXKGTAAA                    Start in the furnace
21       AXKGTAAA                    Start in Gomez's(tm) room

01XX65C0       Where XX is the number of lives you want to have


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