Aces of the Pacific

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Aces of the Pacific Editing (Author unknown)

To edit the Aces of the Pacific roster you'll need a hexadecamal
editor like the one found in PCTOOLS (or DLHEX from the DLH)

Before editing I highly recomend that you save the ROSTER.DAT file
to different directory or a floppy disk.

   00: Number of Pilots on Roster
02-10: Name of Pilot
12-20: Backup Discription
   23: Aircraft Insigna
        00: Japan
        01: US Navy & Marine Corps
        02: Royal Air Force & Fleet Air Force
        03: Chinese Air Force
        04: Russian Air Force
        05: Royal Netherlands Air Force
        06: US Army Air Force
        07: Royal Australian Air Force

   24: Service Contry & Branch
        00: US Navy
        01: US Marine Corps
        02: US Army Air Force
        03: Japanese Navy
        04: Japanese Air Force
        05: Royal Air Force
        06: Fleet Air Force
        07: Royal Australian Air Force
        08: Chinese Air Force
        09: Russian Air Force
        0A: Royal Netherlands Air Force

   25: Rank (Although I don't know if it's necacary, I recomend
       that you use the apropet branch for you rank)

   US Navy                 US  Marine Corps        US Army Air Force
   -------                 ----------------        -----------------
   00: Ensign              03: 2nd Lieutenant      06: 2nd Lieutenant
   01: Lieutenant (jg)     04: 1st Lieutenant      07: 1st Lieutenant
   02: Lieutenant          05: Captain             08: Captain

   Japanese Navy                   Japanese Air Force
   -------------                   ------------------
   09: Petty Officer 2nd Class     0D: Sargent
   0A: Petty Officer 1st Class     0E: Master Sargent
   0B: Warrant Officer             0F: 2nd Lieutenant
   0C: Lieutenant                  10: 1st Lieutenant
                                   11: Captain
   26: 00 = Active 01 = Dead
29-2A: Date Started
2D-2E: Current Date
32-33: Missions Flown
34-35: Seccessful Missions
36-37: Campaigns Compleated
   3C: Squadron
   3E: Campaign
40-41: Air Victorys
43-4D: US Medals
4E-55: Japanese Medals
57-62: Realism Panel Settings (00 = no 01 = yes)