Ace Combat X

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Unlock Medals by achieving goals in the game.
Unlockable              How to Unlock
Bronze Ace              Destroy 200 Enemies
Expert Marksman         Destroy 50 Aircraft with Guns
Eye of the Storm        Defeat the Gleipnir
Freedom Tower           Liberate Griswall
Gold Ace                Destroy 1000 Enemies
Land Guardian           Keep allied casualties at Stand Canyon to a minimum
Mark of the Vioarr      Defeat the Fefnir
Marksman                Destroy 5 Aircraft with Guns
Sea Guardian            Keep damage to the allied fleet at Terminus Island to a minimum
Sharpshooter            Destroy 15 Aircraft with Guns
Silver Ace              Destroy 500 Enemies

Unlockable Planes and Stages

Stage complete is cumulative over all difficulities for SP stage requirment.
Unlockable              How to Unlock
ADF-01 FALKEN           Complete SP stage
SP Stage "Operation X"  Complete all missions and mission branches
Stage 03B "Captive City"Complete 05 or 06 before going to 04
Stage 07C "Time Limit"  07->09->11->07C
Stage 12C "Wild Card"   07->08->10->09->12C