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The 6 Day Assassin v1.5 Solution

by ChrisJoe66

(If you move your mouse to the top of the screen you'll see a GUI with
the controls.)

Walk over to the boarded up window.

Pry loose a piece of wood at the top.

Use the piece on the windowblind.

(The blind is now drawn, and the assasin can't see you.  It's now safe
to go anywhere in the room.)

Get your gun from the guitar case.

Get your bullets from the guitar case.

Load the bullets into your gun.

Get a hairpin from Linda.

Use the hairpin on the toolbox.

Get a hammer from the toolbox.

Use the hammer on the broken part of the wall at the far left.

Get the camera through the opening you've created in the wall.

Use the camera on the window that's boarded up.  It'll take a picture of
the assassin.

Look at the picture and memorize the location of the assassin (it changes
each time you play).

Use the gun on the boarded up window.

Line up your sights on the location of the sniper and fire.

You have successfully completed "The 6 Day Assassin."

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