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 First, you must own a vehicle in Career mode. Sell it and exit the game. Then,
 open the "metal.ini" file in the system folder of the game directory (default
 is C:\Program Files\Terminal Reality\4x4 Evo2\system). You can use Notepad to
 open the file. Scroll to the bottom of the text and within the final 20 lines
 or so, you will see the lines "careerTruckCount=0" and "curTruckType=0". Change
 the "0" to a "1" in each line and save the file. Now restart the game and go
 to the Garage in Career mode. You will have the vehicle back AND the money you
 sold it for before! Do this whole process as often as you want and watch the
 cash add up!


 Type while racing:

 GOLDFINGER - activates cheatmode:

 FRAME             - show frames
 GIVEMEMONEYORDIE  - 1,000,000 $
 MISSIONIMPOSSIBLE - all missions unlocked
 NORESPECT         - all teams want you
 ICANTDRIVE        - autopilot

 By ByteBuszta  (ByteBuszta@icecheat.de)

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