3D Ultra Pinball Thrill Ride

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 Pause game play, then type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] to
 activate the corresponding cheat function.

 !imabozo       - Extended "Shoot Again" timer for practice
 !spills        - Thrill Ride event
 !afterdark     - Nighttime Fantasy event
 !fwerk         - Fireworks during Nighttime Fantasy event
 !oxenfree      - Hide And Seek event
 !moo           - Hershey's Cow during next Hide And Seek event
 !edison        - Lights Out event
 !gotmilk       - Chocolate milk waterfall on the main table
 !opensesame    - Thrill-Zone Gate opens
 !tony          - Great Bear Ride
 !zerog         - Lightning Racer ride catches some air
 !sssss         - SideWinder ride
 !imdizzy       - Sooper-Dooper-Looper ride
 !moon          - Tidal Force ride
 !smooch        - Kissing Tower
 !ngrind        - Bumper Cars
 !flywithme     - Flying Falcon
 !ifubuildit    - Lightning Racer Virtual Coaster Table
 !coolit        - Canyon River Rafting Table
 !titanic       - All rocks sink in the River Rafting table
 !1942          - Midway Frenzy
 !enjoy         - Light Fun Zone (if possible)
 !more          - Light Extra Ball
 !plus1         - Advance bonus multiplier by 1
 !holdit        - Hold bonus multiplier
 !tplives       - Extra ball
 !gimme         - Random Snack and Gift Bonus
 !pin           - Light random Pinwheel light
 !bender        - Reset kickbacks
 !go            - Trigger autoplay
 !lockrc        - Lock a ball for Roller-Coaster Multiball
 !locklf        - Lock a ball for Log-Flume Multiball

 Programmer messages: Hold [Ctrl] during the credits.
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