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Bonus Track:
On any track do the following. At the first ramp do an easy trick - SQUARE, TRIANGLE. At the second
ramp do a medium trick - SQUARE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE. At
the third ramp do a hard trick - SQUARE, X, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE. Then finish the
race and the bonus track will load.

steven v. (dyno345)


When you are in the air pressing different combinations of buttons will make you do tricks. Make
sure you have a lot of time or else you will
wipe out !!The range of difficulty determines how many points you willl receive. In addition to the
normal tricks each vehicle has an extra trickor two that it can perform.

To do an EASY trick: [] then /\

To do a MEDIUM trick:[] then O then /\

To do another MEDIUM trick: [] then O then /\

To do a HARD trick: [] then X then /\ then O

Skateboard: EASY: Grabs board
MEDIUM 1: Kickflip
MEDIUM 2: Heelflip
HARD: Front flip

*SPECIAL*: 360 spin -- /\ then X then [] then O

Snowboard: EASY: Grabs board
MEDIUM 1: Another grab
MEDIUM 2: 360 spin
HARD: Rodeo flip

*SPECIAL*: Front flip -- /\ then [] then X then O

Bike: EASY: Split
MEDIUM 1: 360 spin
MEDIUM 2: Back flip
HARD: Tail-whip

*SPECIAL 1*: Tabletop -- X then [] then /\ then O
*SPECIAL 2*: Dismount -- X then O then [] then /\

In-Line Skates: EASY:
MEDIUM 1: Air Unity
MEDIUM 2: Split
HARD: 360 spin

*SPECIAL*: Front flip -- O then [] then X then /\

Additional trick info:

1. Try out all of the tricks in Exhibition mode before you try them in a real race. You have to get
used to them, some tricks must be done
when going full speed and done very quickly. You do not want to risk losing time and places messing
up a trick

2. It is possible two do multiple tricks while in the air. If you have max speed, have a lot of
height, and you can press the buttons
quickly, it is quite easy. With the in-line skates I have done up to three tricks while in the air

3. It is know that When you successfully complete a trick, you hear a group of people clapping. Or,
if you mess up, you hear a bunch of
"Oooooohhhh"'s from he crowd. Some times these cannot be heard. For example, if you happen to cross
a gate while completing a trick,
you will hear the noise produced from the gate. Also, sometimes when jumping over an obstacle, your
rider may do a trick automatically,
this does not give you points but is merely for show.

4. When you are a skateboarder in Los Angeles, there are these concrete road-blockers. They have two
little blinking, yello lights and
produce a beeping sound. This is actually a ramp. Go really fast and you can go super high on these

1st Place:
 8007D4CC 0000

Race Time Blocked:
 80043E3C 0000

All Character Creation Attributes:
 8002B4EE 2400

All Creation Points:
 8012E80C 00FF
 8012E634 00FF
 8012E45C 00FF
 8012E284 00FF
 8012E0AC 00FF
 8012DED4 00FF
 8012DCFC 00FF
 8012DB24 00FF

All Creation Points:
 8012FE2C 00FF
 8012FC54 00FF
 8012FA7C 00FF
 8012F8A4 00FF
 8012F6CC 00FF
 8012F4F4 00FF
 8012F31C 00FF
 8012F144 00FF
 8012EF6C 00FF
 8012ED94 00FF
 8012EBBC 00FF
 8012E9E4 00FF