1602 Anno Domini

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 (This game was originally published in Germany as Anno 1602)

 Hold the keys [Ctrl][Shift][Alt][W] during the game and type


 at the prompt at the bottom left corner. Confirm with [Enter] and
 then press [A] the [Enter] to enable the cheats.

 Now you have in the game:

 [Shift][M]  - Money
 [Shift][Z]  - Bricks
 [Shift][K]  - Cannon
 [Shift][H]  - Wood
 [Shift][T]  - Tools


  1. File:Supersavegame-savegame 1.rar
  2. File:Anno10000-savegame 1.rar
  3. File:Anno1602cheat-other 1.rar
  4. File:1602-other 1.rar - other
  5. File:Anno-trainer 1.rar
  6. File:Anno-editor 1.rar - Money and ships editor