1602 A.D.

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Use a text editor to edit the "game.dat" file in the game directory. Locate the line "Volume: -750, 0, -5??" and change it to "Volume: -750, 0, -581".

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding.

Enable cheat mode

Input Ctrl+Shift+Alt+W, then type 2061 on underscore cue. Press Enter. Type A without a cue, then press Enter again.
Code                    Effect
columbus                $10,000 - enter code below and give yourself a yellow flag
fastgame                All Buildings
Shift + Z               Give Bricks
Shift + K               Give Cannon
gold                    Give Gold
Shift + M               Give Money
Shift + T               Give Tools
Shift + H               Give Wood

Get any items

Cheat mode must be on for this code to work.

Hit Ctrl + Shift + Alt + W and then type a number from 02 to 24 and hit Enter. What you get will depend on what number you type. There is a complete list below. After that, just select a ship or market and hit a.

Every time you hit a you will get 5 tons of that certain item placed in the market or ship.

To add a different item, repeat the second paragraph.
Code                    Effect
18                      Alcohol
24                      Bricks
13                      Cannons
15                      Cigars
20                      Clothing
17                      Cocoa
08                      Corn
07                      Cows
19                      Fabric
09                      Flour
14                      Food
03                      Gold
12                      Guns
10                      Iron
02                      Iron-ore
21                      Jewelry
16                      Spices
05                      Sugar Cane
11                      Swords
06                      Tobacco
22                      Tools
23                      Wood
04                      Wool

Free Items

Purchase an item while your income is in the red zone. Immediately save your game.

Once reloaded, you should start the game with your money back and still have the item.


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