Dead Or Alive 4

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Unlockable: Gen Fu
You must complete Eliot's Story Mode.
Unlockable: Leon
You must complete Zack's Story Mode.
Unlockable: Ein
You must complete Hitomi's Story Mode.
Unlockable: Helena
You must complete the Story Modes of all initially available characters.
Unlockable: SPARTAN-458
You must complete Helena's Story Mode.
Unlockable: Tengu
You must complete the Time Attach Modes of all the other 21 characters.
Unlockable: Biolab Core
Completing Story Mode once will unlock the Biolab core Stage.
Unlockable: Nassau
The Nassau Station stage will become available when the SPARTAN-458 character is unlocked.
Unlockable: Tatami
Complete the story mode for all 17 characters. Unlock all hidden costumes for all 21 costumes. Unlock the system voice for all 22 characters. Note this stage is already available in Sparring mode -- this unlocks the stage for other modes.
Unlockable: Movie Theatre Mode
Beat story mode once.
Unlockable: System Voices
Complete a character's Exercise session in Sparring Mode. You can then go choose the voice heard during matches in the Settings menu.
Unlockable: Alpha-152's System Voice
Unlock the System voices for all 21 characters (Ein doesn't have one).


Hint: Achievement Rank Shortcuts
Host a room with only three members in it. The person that is the host will receive the rank. The other two players join the fight, and when the fight starts, they should exit to their dashboards. When the game notices that both players have left the game the host will instantly rank up to SS, fight (and win) a single battle after you do this and you will unlock the SS achievement.

To downgrade all the way down to F-, follow the same steps as upgrading to SS, but instead of staying in the lobby when the players go to their dashboards, join the match as soon as they leave. You will see you points go down all the way until you are an F-. This is a great way to unlock all of the rank achievement, such as going from an SS to an S.

This way is easier and works better. First, get a party of three. Then have the de-ranker stay in the lobby. The two other players join the match and start. Pick the character you start on (Ayane or Kasumi) and once the game starts just fight each other. When the box appears in the corner of the screen, then the winner has to turn off his/her Xbox 360. Wait three seconds later and the other player turns off his/her Xbox 360. The de-rankers score should go down really fast. You can watch it go down on the players list. It will go all the way down to an F minus if you stay in the lobby. Play a game as a fminus to unlock that achievement.

Easter Egg
When you play as Spartan 158 at the casino, a Warthog may occasionally be part of the traffic instead of the normal cars.


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