Blood Bowl

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Blood Bowl is the video game adaptation of Games Workshop's famous board game of the same name.

No holds barred : Bribe the referee, foul your opponent as they whimper on the ground, hurl devastating fireballs from the stands or even sneak a chainsaw on the field, whatever it takes to defeat your opponent... But don't ever forget the ultimate purpose of the game: Get the ball into the End Zone and score touchdowns

  • Two completely different game modes
  • Play the authentic turn-based Blood Bowl experience thanks to this faithful adaptation of Games Workshop's famous board game.
  • Live the game in Real Time and unleash Blood Bowl's wrenching frenzy for spectacular and intense games
  • A huge single player game
  • Take part in a complete Blood Bowl campaign and win trophies in 15 Championships and Cups. Each victory will allow your team to gain Star Player levels and new pieces of performance enhancing equipment
  • The multiplayer competition at its best
  • Choose your own competition rules and create your own Championships
  • Create a team online and take part in Leagues and Tournaments over the Internet to climb to the top of the official rankings
  • Create your own Private League with your own competition rules and organize your own Tournaments


  1. - +1 trainer for v2.0.0.6 (Legacy Edition)
  2. - +1 promo trainer for v1.1.2.1
  3. - +1 promo trainer for v1.0.1.10
  4. - +1 promo trainer for v1.0.1.7
  5. - +1 promo trainer for v1.0.1.6