Airline Tycoon

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 Press [Esc] during the game and type in

 Type during the game:

 atmissall      All missions
 donaldtrump    Extra money
 expander       Larger airfield
 mentat         All helpers activated
 nodebts        No debts
 showall        All flights visible
 thinkpad       Notebook
 winning        Complete mission
 missioncrowd   Crowded airfield
 runningman     People walk faster
 famous         Better reputation
 bubblegum      Thoughts are visible
 panic          Passengers leave airport
 showitt        Room animation appear always


 To get the Arrows you have to got to the Air Travel Desk (T) and wait. When
 the spider comes out of the box click on it inmediatly so you can pick it up
 before the snake eats it. Then go to the back room (where sabotages are
 ordered) and give the spider to the sabouteur. Then he will let you get an

 To get the Antivirus disk go to the Advertising Agency and give the Arrow to
 the employee. Then you can take the disk.

 By fca,


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  2. File:Airtycoonuhs-other.rar - Hints in UHS format
  3. File:Atycoont128-trainer.rar
  4. File:Atycoont100-trainer.rar