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Team 1 scores zero:
 800980CC 0000

Team 2 scores zero:
 800098D0 0000

All FMV Sequences:
To view all the FMVs without completing the game with each characters, simply go
to FMV Test under options and press Left, Right, Square, Circle.

Hidden Game:
In order to play a hidden game, go into the FMV test where the list of endings
are and, on any FMV, press Square + Circle together. The team you press this on
determines what kind of ship you'll be flying. If you press Square + Circle on
the screen while there are no endings available, then you won't see your ship
and it will instead be in the first person view.


  1. File:Asx-sct.rar
  2. File:Pwz-s12t 1.rar
  3. File:Rld-sctt.rar