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This page contains an archive of older game related news. For the latest news, please read the Main Page.

The following news items were listed on the Main Page in 2010. For previous news, please see the news archives for years 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006.

News Archive

Breach ready for release on Xbox 360 and PC

Atomic Games has announced that their most recent game titled Breach has been certified and is ready to be launched on Xbox 360 and PC.

The military shooter will be launched on the 26th of January and will feature precise and massive destruction that can change the very nature of multiplayer combat. Players will also be able to take advantage of an advanced cover system while everything is destroyed around them or switch to a Hardcore Mode, which attempts to simulate how military operatives train.

Free stress test for Mythos at the end of the month

HanbitSoft Inc. has announced that their new MMO Mythos is ready for the 'Family & Friends' phase, in which the game developers hope to be able to test how well the servers will scale when thousands of players try the game at the same time.

On December 28th, thousands of players that previously register on the official website will be allowed to enter the game world for the first time to test the capacity of the servers, starting from 11:00 CET (10am UK).

Mythos brings the highly successful Hack-and-Slash formula to an action-packed online role-playing game, offering players a virtual fantasy world based on a comic book-style atmosphere where they hunt countless monsters in a variety of dungeons or compete with each other in gripping PvP battles. There is also a choice of four races and three character classes which can be heavily customised.

Mythos, originally developed by Flagship Studios since 2009 and now further prepared for its release in Europe by the Korean publisher HanbitSoft, is due to be launched in early 2011 and will be free to download and play.